Make Your Drywall Beautiful Again Repairing It with Our Simple Steps

DIY Drywall Repair in Baltimore VA


Make Your Drywall Beautiful Again Repairing It with Our Simple Steps

Drywall is simple to install and luckily, it is easy to repair as well. For a DIY drywall repair in Baltimore MD, it is necessary that you have a complete toolkit.

This can contain a utility knife, a hammer, screwdriver, drywall saw, drill, hand sander, and a level.

Materials and Tools to Repair Drywall

Also, some of the materials to have are drywall compound, tape, drywall nails, and screws. So, if you want to undertake a DIY drywall repair, you must have the right tools and materials.

If you don’t know how to repair your interior walls, Pimentel Painting Inc., offers an excellent service of drywall repair in Baltimore MD.

Cracks can be the direct result of an accident or a bad installation process. Thus, whenever your interior walls aren’t at their best, you can contact us to get the best results.

How to Repair Cracks and Holes in Drywall

Fill Small Holes with Setting Compound

Patching compound is perfect to fill screw holes and small holes. However, for dime-size or bigger and deeper holes, it is better to use a joint compound or a good quality powder to do a good repair.

Large Holes Repairs (You Can Do It)

Whenever the drywall damage extends across one or more wall studs, this will require more extensive repair.

Before you cut into the wall be careful not to damage electrical wiring or pipe lines if there are any. Make sure you follow all the steps when doing drywall repair in Baltimore MD. Following them, you’ll become a drywall repair expert.

First of all, you must draw a square around the hole. Then, you can cut the damaged drywall using a drywall saw. Be careful not to cut into or through the studs.

Then, you must remove as much drywall as needed. Don’t let debris or drywall waste to fall into the wall cavity. Also, make sure to remove all exposed drywall nails or screws.

After getting rid of the old drywall, make sure to use a piece wood to provide backing for the repair panel.

Also, you need to cut a drywall piece to fits perfectly in the section you are repairing.

When adding the backing wooden panel, it is important that you apply a good amount of construction adhesive. In this way, the new drywall piece can be fastened over a firm wood backup.

Then, you must add fiberglass mesh tape to cover the seams and screw of the new drywall piece. Next, you must apply the first layer of drywall compound over the tape using a drywall knife.

The last two steps are smoothing and applying thin coats of drywall compound over the repaired area.

For smoothing the dried compound, you can use a hand sander. In the case of applying the drywall compound, you can use an 8-inch taping knife.

Whenever you find it difficult to repair your walls, you can call our experts to deliver the best results on drywall repair in Baltimore MD.

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