House Painting For the Upcoming Spring

interior house painting during winter


House Painting For the Upcoming Spring

In Maryland, we typically have our last snowfall at the end of February.  Between February and March, people start to think about renovating their home painting. Painting during the winter with its cold fronts sounds illogic. However, there is more than one ideal season to do a home painting.

Ask Yourself: Do I Need to Wait Until Spring or summer to Do a Paint Job?

Of course, it is a bad idea to do exterior painting during winter. But, you will figure it out that winter is the perfect time for interior painting.

First of all, we will understand how low temperatures affect painting application. Begin by identifying if you are using an oil-based paint or a water-based paint. Water-based paint usually freezes at 32°F so we recommend you to use oil-based paint for home painting because it will freeze at lower temperatures.

Then, check the weather forecast to avoid problems. The drying time and recoat times will increase in cold weather.  It is important to mention that the surface features may have an impact on the recoating time. And last, if necessary use additives to prevent paint from getting thick.

Benefits of Home Painting in Winter Time

Painter holding its painting toolsGreat Deal

For painting contractors, the winter season is a slow time. So you are more likely to get a better or reasonable price during winter months for interior painting. In summer, we have the opposite scenario because painting contractors get overbooked with exterior and other painting services.

Get it done faster

Similar to construction contractors, painters block off exterior painting for safety and quality reasons. So they only accept indoor projects because they do not depend on sunlight. Thus this will ensure you that the job will be done ahead of time.

Man painting a wall with a paint bucket and ladder next to him.Paint Cure

Paint cure occurs when the paint is 100% dry and get its maximum hardness. Humidity plays an important role to obtain a great cured. During summer, you need to wait more because of the humidity outside.  To the contrary with a small winter airflow, you will considerably reduce the dry time of your paint.

Time for other Projects

What if you are planning two home projects at the same time during winter? One of them is painting, and the other one is a room remodeling. The home painting will be the most viable project to start it right away.

Think about it! Maybe you have not planned anything yet for summer. But, if you do your interior painting during winter, you will have time and money to enjoy your summer.

So, if you are planning to do your interior painting in cold weather, you need to be sure to hire an expert. In Pimentel Painting Inc., we work with licensed and insured contractors to guarantee you outstanding results in your investment.

We encourage you to visit our portfolio and contact us to do your home painting before this winter season end.  We offer our services in 15 miles around Howard County, Catonsville, MD.

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