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In straightforward words, exterior painting does a fantastic job to protect and add curb appeal to any building.

Pimentel Painting Inc. has precisely 18 years of experience delivering superior exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

Our company has served with incredible diligence many residential and commercial clients. In the end, our crew looks to deliver lasting protection to your walls, increase the attractiveness of your exteriors, and to add value to your buildings.

Every day, our quest is to make a new client happy and feel that they have taken the right decision by working with us.

Our team of painters is highly trained, but most importantly, they were born to paint. So, whenever they are in charge of a painting project, they do it with a lot of dedication, care to detail, and responsibility.

It is needless to say that here at Pimentel Painting Inc.; we are blessed since we can count on the most talented and efficient home and commercial painters in all the Maryland State. This allows us to deliver trusted exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

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Protect Your Surfaces with High-Quality Exterior Painting in Ellicott City MD

It’s not just about the looks. Exterior painting serves a more functional purpose, and that is to protect the structural well-being of your walls.

As you might now, the weather conditions are always changing. One day, Mother Nature can bless us with a sunny day and high temperatures. Then, suddenly, it can start raining cats and dogs.

In other words, your exterior paint endures the harsh effects of sun, rain, snow, wind, ice, humidity, dust, smoke, mold, mildew, etc.

Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for your exterior paint. For instance, the average temperature in Maryland during winter is 32 °F.

The job of your exterior paint is to protect the sidings, walls, bricks, and other surfaces to prevent further damage to your house or building framing and other vital structural elements.

Provide protection to your walls with the best exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

However, all of these weather conditions and pollutants will, without doubts, affect the state of your exterior paint.

Thus, as expert painters, we advise you to check the condition of your exterior painting once a year. Take a look below; we’ll be discussing some red flags that will require a new coat of paint as soon as possible.

In case you are in this situation, here at Pimentel Painting Inc.; we will more than glad to assist you. For more than 18 years, we have delivered superior and affordable exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

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Warning Signs that Your Exterior Paint Is Suffering

Discoloration of Walls

After a couple of years, perhaps after a decade, you’ll see that your walls don’t have the same color.

You can start noticing lighter spots, and that is when you are required to act.

Whenever you see the paint fading, it means that the wood, walls, or sidings are not getting the right protection.

Does Your Paint look Like the Alligator’s Skin?

Alligatoring is perhaps the biggest of all exterior painting red flags. This happens when the paint starts to wrinkling, getting the look of the skin of an alligator.

Your paint starts puckering because the water is filtering through the protective surface of the paint.

To avoid further damage, you better get in contact with our painting specialists to get prompt, neat, and reliable exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

The Paint is Peeling, Chipping, or Cracking

Paint that is peeling off does not protect your exterior surfaces. Make sure to renovate your walls with our exterior painting in Ellicott City MDWhatever you call it, the situation is the same. If you start to notice peeling, it means that your wall surfaces aren’t protected.

We won’t say you are in trouble, but to have a wall “covered” with chipped, cracked, or peeling paint is a situation that should be addressed ASAP.

Making sure you get a fresh and nice-looking coat of paint will avoid severe damages to your building structure.

Protection for your walls is what you should get back when hiring any company to perform exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

Last But Not Least Don’t Forget About the Look

One of the most effective ways to transform the appearance of your house or building exteriors from ordinary to astonishingly neat and beautiful is through exterior painting.

To add a new coat of paint will do wonders freshen up the look of your exteriors. It will also help to enhance your efforts to keep a beautiful landscape.

What is excellent about exterior painting is that it does not demand a lot from your budget, as other costly remodeling projects. In the end, you’ll boost the curb appeal of your property at such an economical price.

Increase the curb appeal of your house by working with Pimentel Painting Inc. We offer affordable exterior painting in Ellicott City MD.

Last Thoughts

Exterior painting is the perfect way to protect your home structure from harsh weather conditions. Besides, it does a lot to increase the curb appeal of your property.

Remember that if you have a defective coat of paint, you better fix it to avoid significant damages to your house or commercial building.

Call us today so that we can meet your needs of exterior painting in Ellicott City MD. We promise you’ll receive painting results with utmost cleanliness, punctuality, and quality.

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