Wallpaper Removal in 5 Easy Steps

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Wallpaper Removal in 5 Easy Steps

It’s time to swap your dated wall-covering for something innovative and fresh. The first thing that you’ll hear about is the difficulty behind the wallpaper removal process. Nonetheless, you can forget about all of those horror stories. Today, we will guide you through 5 easy steps that make wallpaper removal a breeze.

More than just stripping off the wallpaper (which is easier), removing that glue is a tough part. Regardless of whether or not your wallpaper was properly installed, these simple steps will leave your walls ready for something new.

Step One: Prep the Room

First things first, you need to move out as much furniture out of the room as possible. Because wallpaper removal processes require a lot of water, it is important for you to cover your floors and any remaining furnishing with tarps. Might we add, you should cover all electrical outlets and switches with painter’s tape.

Step Two: Mix the Cleaning Solution

Second, you will need to combine hot water, liquid soap of preference, and a tablespoon of baking soda in a bucket. For better results, you can add vinegar to the solution.

Step Three: Apply the Solution

Third, put on some rubber gloves and use a damp sponge to rub the solution onto a section of your wallpaper. A key component for this to work is to do it in sections and do not tackle the wall at once. Let the cleaning solution sit on the wall for a couple of minutes. You can use a putty knife to remove stubborn pieces of glue.

Step Four: Clean the Wall

To clean your wall, you need to do so in a circular motion and with a damp rag. Once you did that, dry the wall with another clean rag or towel.

Step Five: Clean Up

Finally, you should always allow air to circulate in the room. Before even considering painting those walls, give the room 24 hours to breathe- air it out. The walls should feel smooth. Here’s the bad news, if there are sticky spots, you’ll need to do the entire process again.

Pimentel Painting Easy Wallpaper Removal

Without question, the easiest way to go about wallpaper removal is to hire a professional like Pimentel Painting. You can save yourself from the hassle entirely by contacting one of our experts today.

If you want to skip out on DIY work, you know who to call. Save big by hiring Pimentel Painting.

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