Choosing house painting color combinations for each room



Choosing house painting color combinations for each room

Everybody loves having a lively, colorful home. However, getting the right house painting color combinations is quite tricky sometimes. Also, there’s a common mistake that homeowners do. When their walls look dull, they think any color will work. As a result, they end up with an awful blend of colors and shades that will never look good.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand a few concepts before a home painting job. For instance, there must be a relationship between light and color. If you do that right, the results will astonish you.

Factors that determine house painting color combinations

Your current location

Where is your house located? Do you know what direction it faces? What role does the Baltimore weather play with how bright or dark your home is?

Indeed, the location of your house has a direct impact on choosing nice house painting color combinations. Moreover, its design plays an important part. The presence of windows determines how much sunlight your home interiors will receive. So, darker rooms need warmer colors to bright them up a little bit.

On the contrary, if your home receives enough sunlight throughout the day, a cooler tone will balance it. It’s all about examining how sunlight enters the windows.


The final use of each room

One of the best ways to determine the right color is to see what you want to do in each place. For example, you shouldn’t paint a bathroom with the same tone the living room has. Each part of your home has its own goals. Therefore, you must pick colors accordingly.

Also, each room has its level of illumination. Thus, you can’t use a dark paint color on an already shadowy room. A bedroom or a bathroom with no windows won’t get any natural light, for example.

modern-look-study-room-dark-colorNow, there are rooms you may want to use more at certain moments of the day. This plays an enormous difference in the color you should pick. Let’s say you have a study room you only use at night. In such cases, you must paint the room with a color that looks great with lamplight. It may seem dark at daytime, but you’ll have a goal with satisfactory results.

Stay tuned for our next article. We’ll review a few more elements you should take into account to choose your house painting color combinations. Make sure to call Pimentel Painting Inc. to get professional assistance to beautify your home.