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Do you think painting is an easy thing?

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Pimentel Painting Inc. will be a great support on the following common issues:

·         Exterior and interior painting

·         Carpet Installation

·         Rotted Wood Repair

·         Hardwood floor installation

·         Wallpaper removal

·         Drywall repair

·         Trim painting

·         Deck staining

We have been making our clients’ dreams come true. Pimentel Painting Inc. will be with you since the first steps of your project. We go the extra mile to achieve your satisfaction and to deliver you the best service. After all, we consider ourselves to be the best painters in Howard County MD.




Surely, painting can be a funny activity but it is not an easy thing. In fact, painting is just part of a big and complex process that requires a lot of your time. Before painting, you must choose colors, tools, and type of paint that match with the environment and the idea you have in mind.

The best painters in Howard County MD know that preparation before painting is a delicate step. In this form, painting contractors use different techniques and tools for providing a high-quality service.

Furthermore, you have to prepare the area you are going to paint and everything near to it. For instance, you must cover your furniture and floor to avoid spills or accidents.

In addition, you have to clean walls, and it is not that easy either. Paint won’t adhere well to dirty or rough surfaces. So, you must be sure to clean very well! Remove everything from walls. In some cases, you must sand or scrape your walls, and that will take you even more of your time.
Painting isn’t an easy thing

I guess you’re starting to stress about this

Now, ladies and gentlemen, you are about to start your painting project, and it is time to apply your beautiful color combinations!

Just wait a minute

Hold on! The application of your colors has to wait one step more.
First, you have to apply a primer which will help to maximize the sheen and coverage of paint. A primer provides a uniform appearance to the finish coat. It will help your walls to look and feel more than good.

When painting your home interiors, don’t forget to brush the corners

Painters in action

Finally! It is time to paint. In this step, your creativity comes out. Take your brush and apply your favorite colors to your walls.

Don’t forget to brush the corners! At the middle of this step, we know that you only want to finish it because it is demanding you a lot of your valuable time.


The painting process is not over yet.

Now, you have to wait until the paint is completely dry. The last step is that you must clean up your mess. Ensure all your materials are cleaned and properly disposed of.

Painting will take your time.At the end of this process, and many days or weeks later you have it. Your dream of painting your home came true no matter what the results are.

In the beginning, we told you that painting was a big and complex process. It is easier to hire the best painters in Howard County MD. Luckily for you, Pimentel Painting Inc. is the right painting company for all of your painting projects.

What does Pimentel Painting Inc. offer to you?

Here at Pimentel Painting Inc., our team of professionals and specialist will always be ready to help you. Working with us, you will always get excellent results.

As the best painters in Howard County MD, we offer services such as deck staining, trim staining, staining, cedar siding as well as all kinds of remodeling projects you need.

We are licensed and insured painting contractors, and for us, there is no small or big job!

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