Enjoy All the Benefits of Hardwood Floor Installation Today !

Benefits of Hardwood Floor Installation


Enjoy All the Benefits of Hardwood Floor Installation Today !

Last time, we talked about the top 5 projects to do during winter—installing a hardwood floor was one of them. Today, we’ll discuss in detail what the benefits of hardwood floor installation are.

We all know that a solid hardwood floor is a significant investment, so you should do some research before giving the big step.

Take a Look at the Many Benefits of Hardwood Floor Installation

1.     It Enhances Your Home Aesthetics

Hardwood floors, without doubts, add elegance, beauty, and even warmth to your home. Hardwood floors offer that high-end aesthetic; thus, investing in hardwood floors is such a smart decision since it never goes out of style.

Solid hardwood floors make your home feel more inviting; so, you can expect visitors to feel comfortable when chatting with you.

2.     Hardwood Floors go with Any Home Décor

One of the top reasons why hardwood floors have been a favorite option throughout many centuries is that it offers excellent versatility.

How so? Well, let’s put it in simple words. Hardwood floors go with almost any type of home décor.

Also, there is an excellent variety of colors and finishes from which to choose. No matter how demanding your taste for décor is, you’ll be able to find the perfect hardwood floor for you!

Hardwood Floors Offer Great Versatility

3.     Very, Very Easy to Clean

If you want a floor that is very easy to clean, you should go with hardwood floor. Perhaps, its easy maintenance is one of the best benefits of hardwood floor installation.

One of the advantages of hardwood floors, when compared to carpets, is that they don’t accumulate a lot of dust, debris, and dirt.

hardwood floors are very easy to clean

If you spill something over your hardwood floor, all you have to do is wipe it up. Your problem is solved as easy as that. If you have carpeted floors, the cleaning process is more complicated.

So, if you want to provide proper care, one of the things you need to do is sweeping the floor weekly. Also, you should make sure to dry mop and vacuum the floor so that you get to remove most dust and dirt particles. We recommend that you use a wood floor cleaner to clean the wood planks occasionally.

To ensure your investment last for many decades, you should call experts to do a deep cleaning once a year. Remember always to keep your hardwood floor clean and dry!

Since a flooring project means a significant investment, you must make sure to do your homework by doing excellent research before giving the big step.

4. Many Styles and Patterns Available

Great Versatility Thanks to the Many Wood Species

One of the benefits of hardwood floor installation is that it works with all types of home décor: modern or traditional.

So, this versatility is thanks to the great variety of wood species. For instance, you can pick from red or white oak, American or Brazilian cherry, walnut, maple, hickory, yellow pine, ash, beech, and others.

Some wood species can be sanded and stained to suit your taste for décor. Also, if you remodel or do some changes to your house, you could also change the appearance of your hardwood floor.

Here at Pimentel Painting Inc., we have almost two decades serving our clients with exceptional diligence and expert craftsmanship.

We guarantee to install your hardwood floor with great expertise. Give us a call in case you want to have a gorgeous hardwood floor!

5. Hardwood Floors are Strong and Durable

When investing in a project the scale of flooring installation, you must make sure that your floor type shows to be strong and durable. In this way, you’ll reap off all the benefits of your new floor installation.

For example, hardwood floors have shown to stood firmly the test of time. There are some instances where there are homes with hardwood floors 100 years old. This is possible if the hardwood floors receive the right care.

One of the benefits of hardwood floor installation is that this floor can stand up against heavy foot traffic. For instance, they can manage to stand up to active workspaces since high-quality hardwood floors can withstand wearing due to heavy foot traffic.

6. Forget about Fading with Hardwood Floors

When compared to one of the most popular flooring types in the Maryland, carpet floors, hardwood floors have the upper hand when it comes to keeping their luster over time.

So, one of the best benefits of hardwood floor installation is that a hardwood floor will always outlast carpeted floors, and it will look better for longer, way longer.

Hardwood floors don’t fade, carpets do. So, hardwood floors are better than carpets.

Hardwood Floors Keep Looking Beautiful for Decades

7. Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Hardwood floors are a healthy flooring option. They create a safer home interior environment. Hardwood floors don’t have fibers and grout lines; thus, they don’t accumulate dust and other living or dead particles.

So, with a hardwood floor, you’ll suffer less from the effect of allergens, bacteria, and germs. Your indoor air will be of higher quality, keeping your family always safe and healthy.

Other benefits include that hardwood floors are an ecological choice and they can be refinished numerous times (keeping them always looking great).

So, these were the top seven benefits or reasons to install hardwood floors. Remember that a project of this scale must be trusted only to experts. That’s why here at Pimentel Painting Inc., we offer our vast expertise and affordable fees.

Call us today, and we guarantee that you’ll reap off all the benefits of hardwood floor installation.

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