All the ways a quality carpet installation improves your home

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All the ways a quality carpet installation improves your home

There are many flooring options out there. Thus, choosing the right one for your home can be quite a challenge. Now, the weather is among the many factors involved. So, when winter comes, few flooring options provide the comfort that a carpet installation can give.

Of course, people usually overlook carpets for many other flooring choices. However, low temperatures can take their toll on your floors. Though, it depends on the material. While you may think that also happens to carpeted surfaces, that’s not the case.

So, let’s see how adding a new carpet is an excellent winter investment.

Benefit from doing a carpet installation

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Many beautiful options

Carpets are one of the most versatile materials. No matter how you want your home to look like, you’ll probably find a design that fits your goals. Usually, they come in several colors, patterns, and textures from which you can choose.

What about your Christmas decorations? You’ll surely have a lot of fun choosing the right carpet for your home interiors.
You can pick a neutral color, or you can make a bold move and choose a vibrant look. Moreover, you can personalize different rooms with different carpets. So, your bedroom can have a warm look while your living room has a bolder texture.

Beauty and style are guaranteed when getting a carpet. Overall, a new carpet installation can beat many types of floors.
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Add warmth and comfort

Have you ever been in a living room with a beautiful carpet installed? The chances are that the place felt warm, which is not surprising at all. In fact, they do have a psychological effect on people while adding a warm feeling to any indoor spaces.

However, this warmth is more than just a feeling. A new carpet can make a place warmer.

You see; carpets have a high R-value. It means that your carpet installation will increase thermal resistance, which helps insulation. Also, insulation levels rise when you add a cushion pad underneath.

As a result, the carpets will retain warm air during winter. Plus, you’ll save money on energy costs. Nothing beats having a cozy place to enjoy during the holiday season, right?

Soft, soundproof surfaces

Carpets don’t have to be too fluffy to soften the floors. Any rug can do that job. So, let’s see how a soft surface is beneficial.

First of all, when walking on hard surfaces, your body absorbs the shock of each step. On the contrary, carpets are a great way to cushion your footsteps.
baby crawling on carpet
Moreover, this soft surface reduces the chances of falls and thumps, which means more safety for your children. Plus, the surface will be less slippery than any hard surfaced floors.

Last but not least, a carpet installation will make the surface soundproof. The cushioned surface absorbs sound from speakers and footsteps. Also, it reduces sound transmission to rooms below.

As you can see, carpets are just fantastic for any home. If you invest in them this winter, you’ll see the benefits all year round. However, make sure to call an accomplished installer for the job. Pimentel Painting, Inc. is ready to provide the best carpet installation in the area. Take a look at our services and make your home look and feel more amazing with our help.

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